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You never realise how much of your image is sewn into your uniform

At Be Smart Clothing, not only do we provide an off-the-shelf product service but also bespoke manufacturing, embroidery, heat seal decoration and screen printing from casual wear to tailored suiting and even sublimation products.

Bespoke Uniform

At Be Smart Clothing, if you feel your company warrants that prestigious unparalleled reflexion about who you are by what you wear. We can offer a bespoke practice to help you achieve this unique accolade. With our knowledge, expertise and design services, we do, and can provide our customers with a whole range of bespoke products ranging from corporate suits, shirts & blouses either printed or woven, pantone specific or simply stock fabrics to casual wear and accessories.

Beyond our service of supply, it is our job to provide you with a service of managing your uniform. This is why our customers benefit from our in-house storage, picking and distribution of your stock products labelled for the attention of the person who wears the uniform. All of this can be managed from our clients web ordering system.


Probably the most convenient, cost effective way of decorating your chosen product with your companies brand.

Embroidery is capable of producing designs with the most intricate of detail in any design.

Normal positioning of embroidery include sleeves, breast pockets, and yoke of the neck.


A versatile decorative way of branding your products with many versions of vinyl based inks. More common than embroidery for larger designs, heatseals can be produced in single colour all the way though to full colour near photographic quality prints.

As with both embroidery and heatseals. Both are used on products to optimise their appearance and wearability. Choosing which one is best is down to us to advise you on.

Screen Printing

A fantastic way of producing large scale prints at a reasonable price. Screen printing can be offered to print any design to fit on the smallest or largest clothing products available on the market.

Available in single colour or near full colour designs, screen printing is excellent for promotional wear, events or any function where 100+ runs are required.


Just like formula 1, rugby and saturday league teams wear, sublimation is the name given to produce a cut a sew sports shirt. Simply choose a style, the fit and colour way, add the collar style and provide us with any image logos / sponsors and we will do the rest. These can be produced in as little as ten, they are also available in kids, mens and women sizes.

Adjustments and Alterations

Adjustments and alterations along with tax tabbing services are just a few of the services offered. With the possibility we may need to cater for special measures, this is how far we go to provide a service to our customers.

Tax Tabs

Businesses are requested by the inland revenue that all plain clothing issued to a company’s employee free of charge is a ‘fringe benefit’ to the employee. Therefore, if embroidery or heatseal or any other means of none removable company identification is not visible, a tax tab, either woven or printed must be worn visible on the wearer. This rule does not apply to protective workwear. Before your uniform is despatched, we will, if no other decoration is visible, insert tax tabs into your products. To fine out more, give us a call to discuss.