Thank you for visiting Be Smart Clothing’s website. Understanding you have clicked onto us because you are on the look out for a uniform provider, here is a little about us that may help you decide if we’re for you.

Predominantly a business to business supplier of uniform clothing, Be Smart Clothing Limited, based in the northwest of England, our business focus is to provide companies of all sizes with corporate clothing, workwear and casual uniforms.

The supply is the easy bit. As you may learn while navigating this website, Be Smart Clothing Limited is all about providing your company with their chosen products, embroidered, screen printed, bespoke or otherwise, all with the help, advice and recommendations from us - basically, the full package.

Not only do we decorate uniform, we also provide companies with a continuation of supply and management because, by its nature, clothing does not have an infinite lifespan or you may rebrand not to mention catering for joining and leaving employees. This in itself can be a full time job to keep on top of.

Uniform is a companies architecture. It symbolises who you are. It’s our job to help you maintain your brand values. This is why we offer our customers a simplistic, seamless means of ordering uniform, by ordering it through our client portal. However, for us be proficient in the above, this means we need to provide our customer with a rapid turnaround of uniform. It is this, that we are about.

A company that has gone from strength to strength built on reputation & recommendation, Be Smart Clothing Limited cater for some of the most prestigious and iconic brands in the country. We trust you have a reasonable understanding of our company’s ethos. If you feel we may be able to help you, give us a call or download / request a brochure and we hope you speak to you soon.