Hospitality Uniform Offering Brand Recognition.

Hospitality in Uniform

Hospitality is probably one of the most sought after sectors in the business world that requires an identity. May it be a hotel, café or restaurant, they all have staff in uniform in common. Whether it is a casual dress down look or a more elegant approach to a front of house appearance, the hospitality sector covers all options. Hospitality in uniform is a must.

Brand Ambassadors  - A Company’s Employee’s are the Business.

Employee’s wearing a company branded uniform is as important as the company itself. After all, the hospitality sector without the workforce and without recognition of your brand - there is no recognition for the company. This is particularly true for the hospitality sector front of house such as hotels either internationally recognised or independent small boutique hotels. Having your staff in a recognisable brand distinguishes them to be your company’s brand ambassadors.

The Professional Image – Employees in Company Uniform

Having spoken about the brand ambassadors - your employees. Placing those same employees in your business make them feel they’re a contributing factor for the success of the company they work for. The pride and sense of being for them to get dressed in their hospitality work uniform, go to work and look and act the part of the brand they represent all point to a more professional image. The power of brand image should never be overlooked or not considered.

Hotels – Wholesome Supply of Hospitality Uniform Clothing to the Hotels Sector

Be Smart Clothing are proud to provide uniform clothing to the hospitality sector. Our services stretch from the reception desk and restaurant wear of well-known hotels to the back of house maintenance and housekeeping departments. To us, and to our customers, it doesn’t matter what their job role or title is, a member of a hotel in uniform looks professional and organised more than if he or she was unrecognisable.

Restaurant & Café Uniform – Elegant or Casually Dressed Hospitality Wear

Our services to the hospitality sector allow us to be diverse in our design process to portray a uniform to our customers in the Restaurant and Café businesses they will love. From elegant suits and waistcoats - portrayals of the classic elegant style restaurant to the casual dressed down but recognised brand uniform look of those laid back Bistro’s, Be Smart Clothing can tailor any image to reflect your brand values.

Bespoke Hospitality Uniforms or OTS Hospitality Clothing?

The off-the-shelf products made available to us today have never been greater. That statement holds true for hospitality uniform clothing as well.

The vast numbers of different styles of chefs wear, aprons and shirts, blouses and polo shirts are so plentiful, for most cases, you would probably be happy with a carefully selected assortment of uniform products available off-the-shelf. However, for those who want that little more uniqueness, Be Smart Clothing is proficient in sourcing, designing and producing that ultimate look.

Lasting Impressions are Based on the Foundation of a Good Relationship

At Be Smart Clothing, it is our aim to obtain and retain customers across all sectors, that being said our customers rightful concern they are approaching the correct supplier, give us a call and lets introduce ourselves to one another. Our service levels are of an excellent standard and we cater for some of the most prestigious brands in the UK covering many sectors. We therefore have no reason why we cannot furnish your company with a first class service it requires.