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Ladies Corporate Dresses

It’s without argument that ladies corporate suiting collections are a lot vaster than their male counterparts. With the additional added extras, like skirts and different cuts of trousers, it’s a wonder how anyone can complain about the limitations of ladies corporate collections.

Over the last several years, we have seen a boost on the corporate dress front. Starting out as sparse extras to the odd collection, they are now becoming the center point that determines which collection a prospective buyer would opt for. One of the most economic dresses on the market is also an excellent seller. The Gigi Dress, a polyester crepe dress available in back and navy was successful enough that Skopes introduced it into another collection; The Jolie Dress which has a poly-wool-lycra mix.

From Book Taverner, best selling high end dresses such as the Teramo Dress, a premium lightweight dress with flattering princess seam and stretch lining from the Sophisticated Collection. It has become so successful, Brook Taverner have launched a sister dress in the same collection called the Marino Dress. Hoping this dress will be a big hit as well, the Marino dress is also made in the Eclipse Collection called the Portia Dress, a mid weight more economical cost to reach all price points of wearing customers. On the subject of the Eclipse Collection, this is the first collection to offer a dress in two lengths. The Portia Dress and Cressida Dress. Brand new for 2017, it is very likely the two very different dresses in this collection will do nothing but satisfy its wearers.

Although we have only touched base on a handful off dresses, take a look around our website. Club Class has the Primrose dress, a practically stylish and versatile poly viscose lycra blend dress - part of the Everyone Collection. Brook Taverner have their Performance Collection’s Corinthia Dress. A mid weight high performance shape memory and crease resistant fabric and Corporate Collection’s Imperia Dress made from a lightweight poly wool lycra blend. Lastly, Skopes are still enjoying the successful Business Boutique collection of coral colours complimenting the Carlton Dress. With dresses to suit all business environments from office staff and front of house businesses all the way to hotels, hospitality and sales reps, corporate dresses available on the market today will certainly be here for a long time to come.