Uniform Web Ordering and Uniform Budget Management

At Be Smart Clothing Limited, we consider ourselves to be more than just a business that simply sells a product you like, brand it and have done with it. Instead, we are here to provide you with specialist know how, management of your account and continuation of supply. We do this really well and to find out more, why not read about us.

To help us achieve the service levels we already provide. Our custom built web ordering system designed around our customers allows your company’s departments or outstations to order authorised products for their employees under them. In turn, this is received by us and man packed per employee ready for despatch in a timely manner.

All this can be achieved while a global overview can be seen real time by head office or your company's purchasing department. Whats more, reports can be run to find how exactly where your budget is being spent and who is spending. For a demonstration of our budget managed web ordering system, feel free to get in touch.


Web Ordering